About us


J-Teck3 is  born in 2003 thanks to the enthusiasm of a motivated team: Enrico Grasselli, Italo Mariani and Rosaria Pozzoni whose professionality and experience is formed within the screen printing and textile field.

It is a young and dynamic company flexible and reliable which, by means of a dedicated technical team develops and produces new generation digital  inks for textile and graphic applications.

It is devoted to customer’s satisfaction  and open to the many opportunities and challenges the worldwide market  offers everyday.

Our J-Lab is the heart of the company. It’s the place in which new ideas are born, take shape, tested and finally become a reality.

The attention to the environment is a priority to develop digital products which are environmentally safe.

2003 Foundation

2004 First production of J-Subly, dye-sublimation digital ink

2005 First production of J-Eco Subly and J-Eco Print , environmentally-friendly free from phenol

2006 Development of Nandot Technology,  innovative production process. First production of J-Eco Pigment for graphic and textile applications

2007 First production of J-Acid for printing on lycra and silk

2008 New EPS technology for direct printing with utmost penetration of the ink on reverse side

2009 Enlargement of the production area with the addition of a second building

2010 First production of J-Subly Premium - high quality dye sublimation ink with high pigment concentration

2011 First production of J-Next Subly - New Generation Dye Sublimation Ink

2012 Introduction of J-Next Subly Extra

2013 Launch new J-Cube RF/KF-40 for Ricoh & Kyocera printing heads at Fespa 2013

2014  J-Cube line is boosted with the direct-to polyester version

Launch of J-MelaMine , waterbased graphic pigment for printing  melamine papers on Kyocera-head printers