Claudio Corti

Claudio Corti is a young rider born in Como who is considered one of the most promising Italian racers.  He starts running when he was still a young boy with very good results in the Italian and European contests. The turning point in his career is in 2010 when he starts running in the World Championship Moto2  Category  to be upgraded in 2013 to MotoGP  as part of  NGM Team. At the end of 2013 he is choosen by the famous Italian brand MV Augusta for a project of revival of this important motorcycle company. He will be the unique racer, MV Augusta testimonial, to run MV new bike in Superbike 2014 Championship!

In his biography Claudio writes:

My name is Claudio Corti and I am born on June 25, 1987. In my memories there is a unique passion: motor-cycles! My daddy , also very passionate of this sport, introduced me at the age of 3 when he put me on a three-wheel bike for the first time! There a spark struck me which , I think, will not extinguish! I started participating in races at the age of 6, when, by chance, I tried a minimoto. I liked it so much that I asked one as Christmas gift. Then my adventure started !
During the years I became so good and won so many races that my family started following my career as rider dedicating its time and money to my activity and travels around Italy and Europe even during the holiday periods. I rewarded them for their efforts by winning three times the European Championship and by arriving always among the first positions in the Italian contests. 
Now I have the right age and experience to fly up in direction of the true motorcycle world! Now it’s time for my dream to come true: to run in the World Championship!