Hockey Como

The Hockey Como is one of the most significant hockey  team in the North of Italy.

The society is founded in 1971 by a group  of players  who left the Milan Team.

In  autumn 1971 the team  enters the B divisions and reaches immediately the third place in the final classification of that year.   That position will be repeated also the following year.

In the 1973 season it is defeated on the very  last day of the championship thus failing the promotion  in the A series.   This goal will be achieved 10 years later, in 1983 thanks to the  Slovenian coach and player Rudy Hity and  the couple of players Bonino-Catenacci . Unfortunately this adventure lasts only one season !

It will be back again in A2 during the year 1996. Unfortunately this is an unlucky  season as Como team will finish at the 10th position, the last place ! Again in A2 the Como team tries to win a place among the best teams but they will be  defeated, once again in the half-final by the Auronzo team.  Auronzo will also win against  Como boys  the  following year , always during the final game !

During the season 1999/2000, after 15 years from the last experience, Hockey Como will be back in A series arriving nine. Also this last experience will be, however, short !

Now the team is playing in the Italian Championship – B series.

« Hockey Como organizes the oldest Italian contest for young players, « The International Trophy Stefano Gosetto », in memory of a famous Como player. This year the Trophy celebrates its 25-year anniversary on March 29-30. During the past editions many important players all over Europe  were attending ».