Teatro Licinium di Erba - dedicated to Shakespeare

Teatro Licinium di Erba - dedicated to Shakespeare

The Licinium Theatre is a open-air theatre located in the city of Erba – Como. It is located inside the Licinium park in an amazing natural area, on top of the city of Erba up on the hill which dominates the valley and the small lakes of the suggestive Brianza Area..

It was built in 1926 according to an architectural style which took its inspiration from the open-air theaters of the classic period. It is, in fact, the ideal place to represent classic works requiring an “under-the-stars” location. 
In its long and fascinating history, the Licinium theatre alternated periods of great reputation and splendor with others of total abandonment and desolation.
Its rebirth in recent times starts in 1993 when a group of passionate people forms the so called “Accademia dei Licini” (Licini Accademy) with the aim at letting the glorious tradition of Licinium theatre start again. From that moment onwards, an important cultural project begins leading to the restoration of the structure and the theatre rebirth with positive cultural and social effects also on the surrounding territory and city of Erba.

In the year 2000, the theatre takes the decision to starts its own productions. This brings to a series of prestigious and significative events, the top of which is represented by “The Storm” of William Shakespeare in 2009. This event has a very big success with fully booked performances for the whole season.

Starting from 2010 the Licinium Theatre has been representing Shakespeare’s works only becoming the sole “under-the-stars” Shakespeare’s theatre in Italy.
The theatre is a very important cultural institution inside the geographical area in which J-Teck has its headoffice.

The company is very proud to be sponsor of the Licinium theatre for the development of culture and education inside the territory in which it operates and works.